Friday, January 6, 2017

Snow Day/Sick Day 2017

It is a snowy day here in Oklahoma and I am stuck at home with a cold. Blah. 

Thankfully, I am feeling better today and am actually up and around feeling like doing some blogging and goal planning for 2017-- one of my favorite parts about a new year! I actually wrote the words "2017 Goals" about a week ago and then proceeded to move to the next page to write a packing list for Mexico. Whoops. (However, we do leave for Mexico in a couple of weeks, so I don't feel too terribly bad! ha)
I have got some good ideas-- and hopefully today is the day that at I will put those to paper. I am really excited about those new "ideas" I have swirling around in my head- including a LOT more blogging, more farm/ranch photography, launching a new project (or 2) and even working on my cooking skills (you are welcome, husband) in 2017.  

I have also been working on my yearly to-do list and so far I am not making much progress on it either-- like none at all, so there is that too! Boy, I have lots to work on! 
So, basically the take-a-way here is I am going to try to do more blogging under Frilly Farm Wife this year and it should be a good time, so stayed tune! 

Keep it Frilly, 

P.S. Below is my cute snow day/sick day buddy, Dally. I promise you will see more of her too on the blog this year!

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