Monday, January 30, 2017

Glorious Mexico Weekend

 Oh, Mexico.
You are fabulous, glorious and all the other pretty adjectives I can think of.
The company that my husband works for sat a goal for each salesmen last year. And, my sweet husband worked extra hard to reach his goal and guess what—he did! I believe he was even tied for the most sold! #proudwife
Since he met his goal, he was rewarded with a trip to Mexico. So, this past weekend we packed our bags and headed to Cancun with eight other couples. We arrived mid-day on Friday and spent the next three days relaxing by the pool, walking the beach, eating delicious food, spotting lizards and iguanas and hanging out by the strawberry frozen yogurt machine. Yum!

I honestly didn’t think I would enjoy Mexico as much as I did, but let me tell you—if you ever get a chance to go, you should definitely go. It is quite an experience and I am so thankful for my husband’s hard work that got us a trip to the Valentin Imperial Maya.

P.S. Dear Mexico, I miss you!

Cold in Oklahoma,
Brenna Davis-Long

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