Monday, July 25, 2016

#frillyfarmwedding | part two

I haven't blogged much about the #frillyfarmwedding yet... but, that is about to change! Eeeek! 

This week I am going to go through the photos and pull out the ones that are the most special to us... but for now, I have to share this photo from our rehersal dinner.

It was hot. Like Oklahoma in June at 5 p.m. hot. We had been outside all day setting up for the big day. It was one of those "so much to do, not enough time to do it in" type things. We had enough time to finish the little decorating around the house, put out chairs, sit the hay out for seating and run to Chickasha to get our marriage license before the guest starting arriving for the rehersal dinner. 

Thankfully we had plenty of help to get all of those things done! We couldn't have done it without my grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, friends, friend's husbands, friend's wives, etc. 

I am not going to go into much detail just yet about all of the things my parents did just yet, but just wait until you hear that list-- it is amazing! Love those two! 

Here are just a few photos from our super fun and funny rehersal dinner! 

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Frilly Farm Wedding Part 1

Well, here it is another Wednesday-- which in the wedding industry is also sometimes referred to as #weddingwednesday. 

So, while I was posting a #weddingwednesday photo over on my business IG (@brenna_davis), I decided it would ONLY be appropriate that I share a few of my very own wedding photos. We just got them on Sunday and I have been patiently waiting the chance to share them without sounding coincided... or whatever is the right word there. I am too excited to stop and think of the right word.

 So, scroll down to see a few of my most immediate favorites and stay-tuned to see more! Katie and Alecia did a wonderful job on our wedding photos. Not only are they fab, but they are also two of the nicest and most patient people ever. Thank you for everything. 

Now, get excited! 

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Turquoise Tuesday and help from Dally Dog

Turquoise has always been my favorite color. When I was little I had one outfit that I wore cllllll the time. See... I never let my mom pick out my clothes. My outfit options were simple... Eskimo Joe's t-shirt, jeans and boots. It didn't matter what color of boots, t-shirt or jeans--- navy blue boots, turquoise Jaret jeans and a turquoise Eskimo Joe's t-shirt (and in the winter I rocked a white turtle neck under that!) Yep. Style was my middle name. 

I get my love of turquoise from my nana, Beverly. We are kindred souls, so we like pretty much all the same things. (She has good taste, obviously!) 

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted everything turquoise, so you can only imagine what my jewelry box looks like. I even tried to downsize the collection when I moved after the wedding and still I have more turquoise than one person should have (well, according to my husband anyways.) I, however, feel I need more.

And, I didnt have square ones yet either. So, when we went on our honeymoon back in June, I found these cute, little, square turquoise earrings and fell in love with them. Luckily, they weren't an arm and a leg, so my sweet husband bought them for me. 

I haven't worn them yet, but I think I will wait and wear them next week on our one year anniversary dinner date. 

Oh, and that rose-- picked it from my rose bush this morning. Impressed, aren't you? Well, don't be. I haven't done a thing to it in a year, but the thing always keeps producing beautiful flowers. 

Happy Turquoise Tuesday. What is your favorite turquoise item? And, where can I find it if I need one too? 

Dally dog is a big help in getting the perfect image! 

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Be Kind

Sometimes I think this world gets busy. We get busy with life. 

Living life. 
Loving life. 
Enjoying life. 
Maintaining life. 
And, sometimes I think we forget to just be decent. 

I am so guilty of this. I have noticed it lately have tried to do better to be a decent human. Open the door for others at the coffee shop, say thank you to the waiter every time they come by, say "hi" to the gentleman standing on the side walk waiting on his wife and most importantly make your spouse and family feel loved. Being kind doesn't cost a thing and is sometimes such a small gesture that can bring a smile to your face and heart. 

When I was in college I worked as an intern for the Oklahoma FFA Association. My boss, Mr. Boggs, used to tell me this little line everyday. No matter if it was during the day or at 5 p.m. or at Alumni Camp at the end of the night, he would always say...

 "Keep a smile on your face and love in your heart." 

So, do that. Smile and love. 

This world needs both. 

If you want to pass the kindness love-- download a free cover photo for your Facebook page! 

Click to enlarge and then save! 

Thursday, July 7, 2016


This was a post that I wrote over on Frilly Farm Girl back in March when we first got engaged. However, since moving sites I felt like this needed to be posted again as a back story and foundation for future post. 

Just one example of how wonderful my sweet husband is to me. 

My Real Life Fairytale 

Once upon a time, I met this boy that was much, much taller than I. (Obviously as you can see below.) We dated for a while and then the boy planned the sweetest thing a girl could image. 

As a photographer in my spare time, I of course have a couple of photographers that I like-- one of those being Sheradee Hurst. I say "like" like it isn't really a big deal, but in reality I am slightly obsessed with her and her work. I want to be her when I grow up! 

But, I digress... 

A few months ago, I told boy how much I would love to have a session with Sheradee. Thinking that the whole time I was chattering on and on about Sheradee and photography, that he wasn't really listening to me. However, he sure was. 

On Valentine's day, we traded presents a night early. I got him handmade belt buckle, which I thought was pretty fancy. But, he trumped me with a couples session with none other than the wonderful Sheradee! Eeekkkkk. I was beyond excited. Like I couldn't even believe it. 

But, wait it gets better. 

Not only did he arrange everything with Sheradee, he also booked the prettiest venue (Rosemary Ridge Events in Stillwater) for our couples session. Everything was a surprise. I didn't even know the actual location for the photos until we got there. I had a pretty good idea, but wasn't for sure. 

Anyways, we arrived and started shooting away from the barn. We found some cool hay bales for me to stand on and fought the sun and clouds a little bit-- or a lot of bit. 

After a quick wardrobe change, we went down by the water and shot a few more and then made our way back up to the barn. Once we got up by the barn, we walked up some steps to these really cool, huge rocks. 

Once we got to the rocks, I saw out of the corner of my eye a beautiful bouquet of flowers. I giggled nervously and acted like I didnt see them laying there. I didn't want to ruin anything, but mostly just got nervous and anxious. 

Sheradee posed me with my back towards the flowers and of course I was still nervously laughing (because that is what I do-- always.) After a few photos, Drew told me to have a seat. So, I sat down and before I knew it he got down on one knee, said some of the sweetest things ever and then asked me to be his wife. Eeeek. 

 Obviously, I said YES! Duh. And, those flowers-- yeah those were made by one of my favorite florist/event planners (Talia Morgan).  He literally thought of everything. 

 So, my parents came out to congratulate us before we finished the rest of our photos because he even arranged for them to come up and be waiting in the barn for us to finish! They had known about this since mid-February and never peeped a word. I can't believe it. How they all did this without telling me is beyond me. 

We even got to chat with his parents on the phone! 

We went and finished the rest of our photos with this really beautiful, sparkly thing on my left hand. 

But, wait... there is more! 

When we left Rosemary Ridge, Drew told me that I needed to call a couple of people. When I asked him why, he said that they couldn't make it to the house for our after engagement party. What? A party? (So that is why he was picking up the living room before we left, haha!)

We get back to the house and all of our closest friends were there to celebrate with us. My brother smoked the meat and everyone brought stuff to go with it. We chatted, sat around the fire pit and I loved every. single. minute. of it! 

It took 27 years, but girls let me tell you-- the wait was worth it. I don't know how I got so lucky, but I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with my sweet fiancé.

Photography- Sheradee Hurst Photography
Florals- Inspired Events
Venue- Rosemary Ridge Events

Yep. There it is. One of the most favorite days of my life. Many of my future post will be focused around our wedding, so prepare yourself for those!

Until then ... Peace and Love,


And, thanks for stopping by!

Since I am recently married, I have changed my blogging life name from "Frilly Farm Girl" to the more appropriate "Frilly Farm Wife." So, this blog is basically an extension from the Frilly Farm Girl blog. The purpose is still the same and the content will be a long the same lines except it is found at a new domain.

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